Paper Air Force was founded in 2008 with the idea of producing  a different kind of high quality, flyable model airplane kit that can be built without the need for traditional model building experience, as well as being extremely affordable.  The kits can be built in a shorter time than many traditional balsa kits.    They look fantastic hanging from a ceiling, or on a fast low-level pass!

The method of construction is very durable as well as easy to build and repair when compared to other stick-built balsa kits.  There are no "stringers",  and the kits do not require any separate covering processes or separate covering materials.  Similar to the original planes built of sheet metal, the paper skin is like sheet metal in miniature, and the airframe derives its stability from the tensile strength of the skin itself - just like the real planes.    The method of construction results in the natural creation of "panel lines", many of which are accurate to the originals, and which make the model look real. 

The materials used, such as scissors, white glue, and low temperature hot glue,  are simple and readily available at any local crafts or hardware store.  The construction method can be very fast once the modeller understands the general process.  Excellent results are quick and easy to achieve with minimal experience required.  When built well, the results can be stunning.     Finally, each kit contains very thorough instructions that completely cover every aspect of the build.  

In short, the aim of the Paper Air Force Company is to bring you simple to construct, fun to build, durable, easily repairable, good looking, scale,  flyable warbirds for low cost.   As a bonus, several historical decal schemes are included in every kit.